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As the World Cup advances into the second round, we’re beginning to receive more news out of Comunidades do Trilho in Fortaleza, Brazil about the fight for communities to remain intact.

If you’re on facebook, follow along at facebook.com/rootingforthehometeam and please share with your friends.

And to hear the latest news in real time, tune in to WBAI’s Global Movements Urban Struggles tonight at 10pm ET to hear from representatives of Comunidades do Trilho directly.

Communities facing displacement take fight to Dilma

Two members from about 4,000 families facing removal by a World Cup 2014 Light Rail project in Fortaleza, Brazil, managed to present a document to President Dilma Rousseff detailing the atrocities they have experienced in the project’s implementation at an event earlier this month, according to The Movement to Fight in Defense of Housing (MLDM).
Protest to prevent World Cup removals

Protesters outside inauguration of two metro stations. Photo: Mídia Ninja

About a thousand protesters greeted the president who was attending the inauguration ceremony of two metro stations, where the community members had managed to enter the highly-policed event and gain the president’s attention.  Continue reading

Construction Begins in Fortaleza, Comunidades do Trilho Needs Our Support

We just got word from the Comunidades do Trilho in Fortaleza, Brazil that the Government is moving forward  – illegally – with construction of the proposed light rail line that would destroy 22 neighborhoods in Fortaleza.

The government is escalating intimidation of residents and clearing the way for removals to begin. 

Global sporting events are meant to improve the lives of the people in the host country, yet ahead of the 2014 World Cup 20,000 people in Fortaleza alone stand at risk of losing what they’ve called home for over 70 years. And for what? To make way for outside interests to profit. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this play out in past Olympics and World Cups, but there is still time to make a difference here. Continue reading

Join us for an online discussion about media arts, major sporting events and displacement

On November 10th, at 11 AM (PST), The National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture (NAMAC), and Member organization, Line Break Media, will host an online convening with a transnational panel of scholars, organizers, and artists to lend support to Movimento de Luta Em Defesa Da Moradia (MLDM) – featured in Rooting for the Home Team – a grassroots group in Fortaleza, Brazil who are organizing to prevent their community’s displacement ahead of World Cup 2014. Continue reading

President Blatter and FIFA, can we count on you?

Today is a big day for football, aka soccer. National teams across the globe are competing to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Thousands of people in Brazil are also wondering today, “will my community still exist when the World Cup comes to town?” We sure hope so. And that is why we are posing this question to FIFA and its president Joseph “Sepp” Blatter, “can we count on you to prevent this displacement?” With so much influence in the process and a mission of social responsibility and having positive impacts on society, we know FIFA can prepare for the Cup without destroying communities and moving residents out of site. Continue reading

Update from Trilha do Senhor “Trail of the Lord” Community

Last night, Rooting for the Home Team was played at an assembly of Comunidades do Trilho (22 communities being threatened with removal), in the very same room that the video was shot nine months ago. (photos below) From one community member, “I have no words to thank all the American companions, for this great act of solidarity. We will use this video in everyday resistance and spread it everywhere we can. It will be a real “tool to fight” for the Movement to Fight in Defense of Housing and for all activists in Brazil.” Let’s follow the lead of Trilha do Senhor and Comunidades do Trilho in using this video to fight the planned destruction of these communities!

Be sure to sign the petition on the right side of the page, and keep sharing the video.  Continue reading